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    Blog : Accreditation update

    Instrument Rental Labs, sales@testequip.com, 1-303-469-5335, 1-888-573-5468

    2013-06-26 12:12 MDT Bill Hedrick

    From our Accreditation body: American Association of Laboratory Accreditation

    Dear A2LA Accredited Organization,


    "Your organization has been approved for continued accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Your A2LA Scope(s) and Certificate(s) of Accreditation will be posted onto the A2LA website shortly."

    We have improved our uncertainty specs on many parameters and added Phase noise calibration to 18 GHz.

    See the scope of capability by clicking the A2LA icon to the left in the blue column
    Instrument Rental Labs
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