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    Blog : Equipment consignment

    Instrument Rental Labs, sales@testequip.com, 1-303-469-5335, 1-888-573-5468

    2014-09-17 10:28 MDT Bill Hedrick

    Many customers have unused test and measuring equipment sitting on their shelves.

    Equipment consignment

    Instrument Rental Labs will take the units and provide for the marketing and sale or rental of your equipment, while protecting your ownership and sharing the rental income and or the sale of your equipment with a pre-determined price that is acceptable to you. Our consignment agreement protects your interest in the equipment and allows the return if needed for your projects. Instrument Rental handles marketing including advertising, shipping, calibration, storage, credit, collection and insurance.

    Please call if you have unproductive capital test and measurement equipment. We can discuss equipment valuation with you and send consignment agreements if you wish to pursue the opportunity.

    Bill Hedrick AB0DH
    Instrument Rental Labs
    web site: www.testequip.com
    email: [email protected]

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