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    Instrument Rental Labs, sales@testequip.com, 1-303-469-5335, 1-888-573-5468

    Rent the new 5522A SC1100 accredited calibrator

    2014-05-21 16:36 MDT Bill Hedrick

    Calibration Cost Reduction: The ownership expense of an accredited Fluke 5522A SC1100 calibrator to own and maintain for five years is approximately $68,508.00, whereas the rental cost is only $12,500.00 for five years.

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    Clearance sale announcement

    2013-09-09 16:23 MDT Bill Hedrick

    Check out our clearance sale on over 5 pages and over 500 test and measurement items. The items include Agilent, National Instruments, Tektronix and many others. Make us a reasonable offer.

    Click here! to see the listing or go to "clearance center" on our home page.

    Bill Hedrick President

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    Accreditation update

    2013-06-26 12:12 MDT Bill Hedrick

    From our Accreditation body: American Association of Laboratory Accreditation

    Dear A2LA Accredited Organization,


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    Economic uncertainty and your test equipment needs

    2013-01-30 09:07 MST Bill Hedrick

    Will the economy improve in 2013 for electronic test and measurement?


    1: The pending "Sequestor" which may slow government and R&D activity.

    2: Banking limitations and loans are less available for small businesses limiting innovation and spending for development.

    3: Business uncertainty due to unknown impact of the government "Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare) costs.

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    Instek Test Equipment available from Instrument Rental Labs

    2012-07-30 09:00 MDT Mike Hedrick

    Instrument Rental Labs is proud to announce that we now distribute GW Instek Test & Measurement Equipment. and

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