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    Fiber Optic

    Instrument Rental Labs, sales@testequip.com, 1-303-469-5335, 1-888-573-5468

    We offer a low price guarantee on all equipment.
    Equipment information was last updated at: 2017-08-21 01:15 MDT
    Please see the help page for the meaning of the icons used below.

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    [] Manufacturer / Model Description Price Weekly Rental Status Additional
    AFL Fujikura
    Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer$880 month rental$440 one week
    $660 two weeks
       [R]   [P] [S]
    Optical Variable Attenuator$750 sale
    Call For Rental!

       [I][A][P] [S]
    Optical Variable Attenuator$750 sale
    Call For Rental!

       [I][A][P] [S]
    OptiFiber Quad OTDR Module SM/MM$850 month rental$425 one week
    $638 two weeks
       [I]   [P] [S]
    Fotec, Inc.
    Fiber Optic Tester$100 sale
    $40 month rental
    $20 one week
    $30 two weeks
       [I][A][P] [S]
    Fiber Optic Test Set$250 sale
    Call For Rental!

       [I]   [P] [S]
    Tricom Technology
    Fiber Optic Converter-Repeater Unit$450 sale
    Call For Rental!

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    Last Updated: 2017-08-21 01:15 MDT