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    Hitachi Standalone Digital Oscilloscopes

    [VC-7524] [VC-7504] [VC-7502]
    VC-7524: 100MS/s(4-CH simultaneously),
    150MHz Bandwidth, Ultra Deep Memory of 2Mw/CH
    VC-7504: 100MS/s(4-CH simultaneously),
    150MHz Bandwidth, Deep Memory of 8kw/CH
    VC-7502: 100MS/s(2-CH simultaneously),
    150MHz Bandwidth, Deep Memory of 8kw/CH


    • Leading Edge Digital Oscilloscope with Versatile Functions for Waveform Observation, Analysis, Storage and Recording.
    • Waveform Observation:
      • 100MS/s sampling on 4 channels simultaneously.
      • 150MHz bandwidth on all 4 (2 for VC-7502) channels
      • 10ns peak detector (VC-7504/7502).
      • 2mV to 5V/div sensitivity on all 4 (2 for VC-7502) channels.
      • Ultra-deep 2Mw/CH memory (VC-7524)
      • Deep 8kw/CH memory (VC-7504/7502)
      • Up to 2000 waveforms continuously capture with Minimum dead time of 1 (VC-7524).
      • Up to 4000 times expanded observation after storage using ultra-deep memory (VC-7524)
      • Flexible triggering functions:
        • Trigger setup: Two sets of trigger conditions can be stored, enabling instant recall of front panel setup.
        • Window trigger: It is possible to trigger for both positive-going and negative-going signals. Trigger-after-delay and trigger-after-event. TV line selector.
      • Roll mode: Continuous observation is possible of low-speed Phenomena.
      • Averaging
        • Provides exponential averaging with a selectable
        • weighing coefficient of 2 to 256.
      • EGA video output
      • Versatile display function:
        • Infinite-persistence (overlaid) display
        • Pile acquisition mode: 16-phase pile mode provides a display with a persistence approaching that of a real-time oscilloscope.
    • Waveform Analysis:
      • GPIB and RS-232C are provided as standard. Both interface allow the VC-7104 full programmability.
      • GO-NOGO comparison: GO-NOGO comparison can be made with respect to edited waveform waveform limits. The processing after comparison can be selected as open-collector output, interface service request (SRQ), hold, save, and printout.
      • Automatic pulse parameter measurement: It is possible to select from 17 types of IEEE-define pulse parameters for automatic measurement
      • Waveform Mathematics: Waveform addition, subtraction, multiplication, polarity inversion, and absolute value are provided.
    • Waveform Storage:
      • IC memory card: A memory card of up to 2 Mbyte capacity can be inserted in the IC memory slot for high speed store of large amounts of waveform data with time stamp. "Using 2 Mbyte card, it is possible to store up to 200 " "waveform of 8k words each. In addition, this memory " card is in MS-DOS format enabling direct reading by a PC capable of accommodating an SRAM card.
      • Pixel save function: It is possible to store display screen data as pixel data, enabling you to save persistence displays.
    • Waveform Recording
      • Thermal printer: The built-in thermal printer is provided as standard, enabling hardcopy output of display screen information with time stamping.
      • Plotter output: A plotter output (HP-GL command set) is provided.

    Main Specifications

    • Display 7 inch raster-scan display
    • Vert. Resolution 8 bit
    • Sensitivity 2mV/div to 5V/div 3%
    • Bandwidth Equivalent sampling: DC to 150MHz
    • Real-time sampling: DC to 25MHz
    • Input channel VC-7524/7504: 4 channels; VC-7502: 2 channels
    • Peak detector 10ns (VC-7504/7502)
    • Skew adjustment Adjustment resolution: 40ps
    • Adjustment range: 5ns
    • Input withstand voltage 400V(AC+DCpeak)
    • Max. sampling rate 100MS/s, VC-7524/7504: (4CH simultaneous), VC-7502: (2CH simultaneous)
    • Memory capacity VC-7524: 2Mw/CH; VC-7504/7502: 8Kw/CH
    • Sweep time VC-7524: 2ns/div to 1000s/div; VC-7504/7524: 2ns/div to 50s/div
    • Pre-trigger 10div max.
    • Post-trigger 500div max.
    • Trigger coupling DC, AC, HFrej, RFrej
    • Trigger function Trigger setup, Window trigger, Trigger after events, Trigger after delay,TV Trigger (TV-V, TV-H, TV-LINE)
    • Waveform Mathematics +, -, , Invert, Absolute, Average, Exponential
    • Cursor measurement V(REF, , V), T(REF, , T, 1/T)
    • Pulse parameter Freq., Peri., Rise, Fall, + width, -width, Duty, Max., Min., p-p, Base, Top, Ampl., Pre-shoot, Over-shoot, RMS, Average
    • GO/NO-GO Set limit by waveform
    • Reaction: Open collector, SRQ, HOLD, Print, Save
    • Pixel memory: Save one display information
    • Waveform save: By IC memory card
    • Setup memory: 10 setup
    • I/O Interface: RS-232C and GP-IB
    • Panel control: Full programmable
    • Plot output: HP-GL, RS-232C or GP-IB
    • Built-in printer: Thermal Type
    • IC memory card slot Conform to JEIDA V4 SRAM card
    • Max. 4M byte card available
    • Power supply: 180 to 250V, 90 to 132V AC 48 to 440Hz
    • Power consumption: VC-7524/7505: Approx. 110W; VC-7502: Approx. 80W
    • Dimensions Approx. 355(W)170(H)380(D)mm; 14.0x6.7x15.0 ins.
    • Weight Approx. 11.5kg, 25.4 lbs.
    • Standard Accessories Probe(2), Printer paper(1), Power cable(1), Fuse(1), Operation manual(1)
    • Options
      • IC memory Card: MN-512TB4N (512KB), ML-1M-TB4N (1MB), ML-2M-TB4N (2MB),
      • ML-4M-TB4N (4MB)
      • Dust Cover: No.6525
      • Printer paper: No.9001

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    Last modified: Wed Feb 7 05:46:55 MST 2007